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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sharon Needles is the Queen of Halloween and Not Just A Freak of Nature

In celebration of Halloween, I decided to dedicate this very special day to the legendary Sharon Needles. Sharon envelops the persona of any ghoul or freak for Halloween, but behind all the kooky costumes and heavy makeup there is a genuine person who loves to celebrate Halloween everyday.

This is Sharon. She's a walking Party City...But she's the fiercest queen to come out of any nightmare.

She can play any Legendary Serial Killers and get away with looking like a slut. How many times have we seen the typical Freddy Krueger Skank Costume with out seeing any actual work put into the costume.

She's beyond Camp and she lives for the image of Dumb and Ditsy. She can be rough around the edges, but she is crafty and very skilled with makeup.

She knows her place and she knows here limits. She can easily make fun of herself. She can play parodies as much as she wants to.

She's a total sass mouth and she can defend herself for the characters she portrays.

She is emotionally stable because she has been made of for her creative integrity.

She's the first person who I look for inspiration when it comes to Halloween makeup.

For crying out loud, look at that beated face.

She deserved to be crowned the winner of Ru Paul's Drag Race because she owned all of the challenges and defeated the mundane contestants.
Love ya, Sharon.

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