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Sunday, August 25, 2013

What I miss about the Real Housewives Franchise.

I find the Real Housewives franchise to be quite boring now. All of the cast members try to become celebrities or start their brand. It's just annoying as hell.

I miss Kelly Bensimon and her natural looking montages or her fabulous life. I love seeing her jog in the middle of traffic, do cartwheels and shop for expensive fur jackets just for the heck of it. She never seems like she knows where she is, and she's my self-proclaimed lab rat. I Love Her.

Nene Leakes had a  bad temper in the first few seasons of Atlanta Housewives. She didn't take shit from any one and she needed Lisa to hold her down. Now Nene is calm and put together because she needs to keep her reputation now that she does acting.

Sheree Whitfield, buffest bitch in town and saw herself as the sexiest woman alive. I miss her shady backstabbing comments. Why did she leave?

Kim Zolciak, the ultimate goddess of Atlanta Housewives franchise defined the term of lazy housewife who doesn't work and spends her time shopping and being useless. She needs to do more for Bravo.

Danielle Staub, the classiest member of Jersey Housewives, decided to leave the show out of dignity, but the show is slowly becoming as "wholesome" as the Brady Bunch. We need more drama.

Bethenney Frankel used to be catty and mean and I miss that. It's great that she has a thriving career and a child and all, but she epitomized the bitchy New York woman. Too bad she doesn't want to do reality shows anymore. Oh bother. 

Teresa Giudice, only passed 3rd grade and managed to upkeep her fake rich life, but before all the tragedy, Teresa was more outspoken and lived a more fabulous life. She needs her own show. She needs the money to buy all of those gorgeous sateen gowns with rouching on the sides. Classy gal.

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