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Sunday, August 25, 2013

VMA 2013 Fashion Highlights; The Good, The Bad and the What the Hell Moments.

So every one is making a big deal about Sunday's 2013 VMA's. I cried like a fan girl after seeing Nsync come out and perform. I wanted more of them and less of Justin.

Than Taylor Swift tried to shadier than a drag queen and talk smack about ex boyfriend number 54.

And Drake asked his barber to give him a 5 Gum cut for his performance.

And last but not least, Miley made every one uncomfortable twerking her cd-case ass and awkward gyration. 

So lets get to the fashion because after all this is the only reason I pay attention to these award shows.

Miley looks like she's dressed for a Mexican Themed Party. If she had a sombrero, the outfit would make sense, but she's trying too hard to be kooky and free spirited. And whats with the tongue, she looks like a clam.

Katy's dress was a disaster. The cut was off, it was ill fitting and the pattern didn't flow well. The accents on the top were too heavy and she lost her neck. Go back to Candy Land, Katy Perry.

Coco Rocha looks eh. I guess its becuase she's a model that she doesn't want to give off a lot of attention, but at least Chanel Iman dressed for the occasion. Girl, you can do better.

Tumblr Fashion at it's best: Well for Grimes standards. I'm not expecting this chick to wear anything fancy, but she could have at least worn something else other than a 4 dollar black tee from her sister's wardrobe.

I thought this was Beyonce at first, but Rita Ora made more of an effort to be memorable for the occasion. The blue is a lovely compliment to her skin tone, but I hate the black strip on the top. It literally cuts the look in half.

Iggy looks like a jar of mustard. I don't like yellow on yellow. It just makes her blend in. And that greasy hair makes me mad. Iggy has GOOD hair, she should have worn it down with some porn star waves. She missed the mark.

Poor Jwoww will forever be known as the hottest girl on the Jersey Shore. She can't get past her trashy image. This silhouette makes her look too broad on top. And the cheap fabric, dear lord I know she can afford to shop higher than the cheap prom boutiques at the Jersey Mall!

Ciara looked great from the bottom. I'm not in love with the hair though. I don't get why when black chicks try to wear white girl hair that is stringy and has no volume or shape. Hair should have been pulled back.

That's the cute chick from Girl Code. Not bad for her first red carpet. Maybe just a little more makeup.

One word: PROM

I don't see any shape in the dress. Gaga, did you make this yourself at FIT?

This is a rule for all thick girls, Peplums are your enemies: They give you curtains to your stomach and it does nothing to your waist.

The Queen B aka Queen of Trolls looks nasty. I miss her crazy wigs and outlandish looks back than. Atleast she had a theme. This looks like a sweaty long night at the club went wrong with a chompy looking wig.

That annoying person from Girls was there. I guess she picked out something from a thrift store and barely accessorized it with anything. Too plain and the shoes don't do anything for the look.

Oh it's Melissa Gorga.

Who draped this dress?! It makes her look top heavy, bottom heavy, basically no shape with too much fabric.

Probably one of the only men with a good fitting suit.

Beetle juice called, her wants his moose knuckle back, Robin Thicke.

I used to like 30 seconds to Jared Leto, but than they started to think that they were Alexander Wang and than I lost interest.

Taylor Swift....The neckline makes her breast bone look too hollow.

Rihanna didn;t give a shit. And too be honest, if I were her I would have dressed up instead of made myself look like an asshole. If you don't want to attend, than don't go.

Chanel Iman, sleeves are too long, and too many accessories.

Selina Gomez is slowly turning to her Miley Cyrus era, watch. Hair takes over the dress, she's too short. Maybe she needed that slit like in the left photo. Too boring.

I'm done with tonight. Your'e welcome.

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