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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Men's Fashion Today: Is it too much?

Givenchy Spring 2014 Menswear
I never like to re-evaluate myself, but being a designer it's important to look through the eyes and vision of what the customer wants. There is a time and a place for artistic integrity and I am a firm believer in creating the unimaginable, but over the years I noticed the trend of menswear becoming more a shock value than actual apparel. And every year, designers go crazy with patterns and prints and odd silhouettes to come up with a few pieces for a Men's Collection. The funny part about it, is that most of these clothes are designed by men. It's not as if a lot of women design these clothes to degrade or make these models look like a bunch of clowns. So why wouldn't a man want to design for himself? Or for any customer? I have rarely met any young designers who specialize in Menswear and don't sew normal looking clothes. 

I understand that in today's culture, women have more options in dressing for their lifestyle while men are only left with wearing shirts, pants, coats, jackets and suits. And in today's fashion, women dress more excessively than men do. But I don't generally see the point of where the Men's Fashion Industry is going. Back than, Men used to be Fashion Icons and set trends for wearing 3 piece suits or earrings for that matter. And women would actually get their influence from Men's fashion. It just's seems like now the Men's Fashion is copying off of the Women's Fashion Industry. It personally upsets me because I rarely see a lot of men who are into Fashion as much as women are. Men are given the option of being sophisticated or messy. There is no in between. Hopefully the fashion industry could evolve into something for just the normal guys who don't want to dress too shocking or be too boring. 

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