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Friday, August 30, 2013

Fashion Week: Here we go again...

It's that time again, when all fashion bloggers, stylists, upcoming designers rejoice and celebrate in the arrogance and glamour of Fashion Week once again. I myself have a love-hate relationship with this event because somehow I live by the expectation that something magnificent and life changing will happen to me when I attend the shows. I go to shows to network, socialize and see the upcoming trends in the fashion industry. I love helping out backstage. It's the best feeling to dress a statuesque model and pretend to be friends with her for five minutes. I live in the fantasy that I am important and loved, but then that changes quickly when I notice every one is fighting for their attention and to be photographed in the NY Times style section. Every one likes to be a celebrity for one day. People are in a competition of best dressed, and most photographed. It can get pretty silly. My strategy at any show is to talk to the people behind the show, not the ones trying to be in it. Hopefully when I go to a few shows, I can re-experience the joy of networking and conversing with authentic people. I'll keep you guys posted.

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